Chapter I: The countryside

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Every summer, the countryside becomes a holiday spot for most Romanian kids who have their grandparents living there. Even if they like it or not, the countryside visit is a ‘must’. While some can hardly wait for that moment, others suddenly become obedient kids, who even promise of doing better in school next year, all in the hope of being spared of all the rural fuss. Continue reading “Chapter I: The countryside”




There’s something peculiarly interesting about dichotomies that I like. It’s not contrasts or oppositions that I particularly enjoy but rather the whole process or mechanism that triggers the separation. What is commonly thought of dichotomies is their characteristic of splitting, dividing, separating or polarizing a whole into two distinct parts. But what happens when those supposedly opposed parts, god knows how, start complementing each other until they reverse sides? I’m referring to those ambiguous moments such as the crack of dawn or the twilight, when it’s neither completely lit nor completely dark. During that short period when ‘day meets night’, their dichotomous character ceases for a moment until they eventually end up forming what I like to call a ‘reversed’ dichotomy. Day becomes night and night becomes day. Continue reading “SUMMER MEMORABILIA: the plot”